Who we are

Few years ago we decided to challenge ourself and make a dream come true: Make Campo di luna a reality

We changed our path and gave up to things that are now unnecessary, we worked hard with passion and dedication but now we can touch with our fingers all we have accomplished. Campo di Luna is now a reality, as we imagined it.

We built an efficient , A+ class and sustainable home. We use renewable energy from 6Kws photovoltaic panels and a rainwater recovery system to irrigate. We drink spring water and use wood to produce hot water and heating the house.

Our place, 300 mt above sea level, is in Falcinello on the hills of Sarzana,in the Lunigiana region.

Cinque Terre sea is just few miles away. Surrounded by olive, holm-oad and chestnut trees, we enjoy silence, nature and the sea.

Our woods are full of row deers, squirrels, badgers, various birds and buzzards.
We tend to live ethically everyday, in hamony with nature without exploit it. We love to share our little paradise with anyone who appreciate these values.